To pay by 24-hour automated payment line, please call 0333 320 1100.*


To speak to an operator, to make a payment, or to discuss your specific circumstances, please call the team on 0333 320 1822.*


* Calls from a landline will be charged at a local rate; mobile charges may vary.

Marston to resume enforcement on 24th August, details can be found here

If you are looking to make a complaint, please visit this page first to understand our process.

How to make a complaint

Email us

Make a payment or contact us by post at:

Collectica Ltd, PO Box 12019, Epping, CM16 9EB


If you are making a payment or writing to us, please make sure you provide your name and reference number so we know what the payment or your query is for. If you don’t do this, we may not have enough information to update our records to show you’ve made payment or been in touch.


If we can’t tell which account, customer or client a payment is for, we will hold the money (called an ‘unattributed payment’) in suspense for up to 180 days. This means we won’t touch it for that time. After that time, we may keep this money. If a customer later shows us proof that they made an unattributed payment, we will apply it correctly or refund the customer.