Collectica Limited is a professional debt recovery and fine enforcement firm operating nationally. We provide a service based approach to debt collection that provides both an equitable and transparent recovery process to our clients and debtors alike.

Marston to resume enforcement on 24th August, details can be found here

Our clients include:



Our tailored approach uses the latest technology and industry best practice methodology to ensure a responsive approach for each debtor. Collectica only operate on behalf of public sector and government agencies; therefore the debts and fines that we collect are returned to the public purse, for the public good.


We collect debts relating to:

  • Warrants issued by Her Majesty’s Courts and Tribunals Service under the
    Magistrates’ Courts Warrants Order 2001
  • Road Traffic Act 1991
  • The Council Tax (administration & Enforcement) Regulations 1992
  • Non-Domestic Rating (Collection & Enforcement) Regulations 1998 No. 14
  • Distress for Rent Act 1689 (1988)
  • Housing Benefit Overpayments /Housing benefit regulations
  • Traffic Management Act 2004