Collectica, part of the Marston Holdings group of companies, is a specialist debt recovery and enforcement agency working on behalf of public sector and Government clients.

Collectica is committed to providing an equitable service in the collection of financial penalties imposed by Crown and Magistrates courts and other public agencies. We utilise a tailored, consultative approach to ensure that every debtor profile can be catered for in a considerate manner.

Marston to resume enforcement on 24th August, details can be found heremarstonholdings

Coronavirus and enforcement. Your questions answered.

Talk to us in confidence. Collectica’s staff provide a professional and understanding service that will enable the debtor to service the debt whilst taking full consideration of their financial circumstances and current situation. We deal with every case in the strictest confidence and actively encourage debtors to discuss their case with us to find a mutually acceptable arrangement.

We adhere to the Civil Enforcement Association (CIVEA) Codes of Practice and aim to provide a fair and open service to both public agencies and debtors.

Collectica appreciates that it may be daunting to deal with creditors and their agents when you are experiencing financial difficulties or when you are contacted to repay a debt. You should be confident of a fair conversation with our staff, and we recommend that you discuss your account with us openly and enable us to understand your financial circumstances. This will enable fair decisions to be made about your account, and give you a line of contact if you have a later change of circumstances or have any questions about your account.

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